Legal Solutions for Humans


Areas of Focus


Early Stage Companies

Our legal agents understand the needs of an early-stage founder. Let them identify the lawyers that excel at your specific project and then negotiate pricing to fit your budget.

In-House Staffing

We help founders and management teams source and vet General Counsel candidates. Our network covers the entire US, many destinations abroad and a wide variety of industries.


Legal Process Outsourcing

We offer both on- and off-site staff augmentation, enabling on-demand legal resources to help General Counsels manage their workload and periodic company needs in a cost-effective manner.

Founder Services

Our legal agents help founders find solutions to mitigate personal risk, negotiate compensation plans, protect their wealth, and resolve management disputes.


Why do you need Common Legal?


Because you don't speak legalese

Because you should be building, not worrying

Because there shouldn't be any surprises

Because you're not a robot, why should you work with one

The experience with Common Legal was seamless. They saved us over 80% in legal bills in 2015.
— Jon G., Nomad Financial
The customer service provided by Common Legal was astounding. They sorted out and renegotiated some existing legal bills.
— Mike M., Trusto
Common Legal was able to locate an IP attorney who fit our startup budget range within hours.
— Benji M., Founder Shield
These guys just understand the legal needs of startups. They care more about your growth than their profits.
— Bronson L., Fulton Waters

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