Is Common Legal a law firm?

Common Legal is not a law firm. We provide legal solutions for high growth companies. 


What are some examples of the legal solutions?

No project is too complex or too small. We assist clients through a company's entire legal life cycle -- from inception all the way through the founders' exit. Sample projects include: attorney price reality checks, legal process outsourcing and document management.

What exactly is Document Management?

Imagine never having to re-read entire agreements to figure out key terms? We organize all your company files in a secure environment and provide resources to efficiently dissect and track key terms. You'll also be given access to a personal legal assistant who's available to research highly negotiated and market terms.  

Can I work with Common Legal and my existing lawyer(s)?

Yes! Common Legal is not a law firm, and we therefore welcome working with the attorney of your choosing. Our services can help you vet that lawyer's pricing, quality of work, and prevent project scope creep. 


How does Common Legal charge?

Common Legal charges either on a per project basis or a monthly subscription package.


How do I start with Common Legal?

Simply click on the this link to get started.